by in Uncategorized February 21, 2017

Sadness is the final reality that the dream you’ve carried for so long will not come to pass.

Fear is the verbalization of that reality and giving it voice.

Hope is the faint glimmer of the smallest of embers that it just might – the maybe.

Happiness is making the choice to fan the ember.

Everyone has dreams and everyone has dreams from time to time that we give up on and are ready to abandon. Sometimes though God will draw our attention from the corner of our eye to that one remaining burning ember. As we watch it glow ever so slightly, we see hope. We see promise. And then we are faced with the decision – to let it extinguish and succumb totally to a black and cold nothingness, or do we fan it and give it renewed life and oxygen to grow into perhaps what it was meant to be all along.

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